Flat fee. Full transparency.

How our flat fee works

A better way for HNW investors to pay for sophisticated financial advice.

We assess an annual fee of $10,000 per year, paid quarterly. One fee covers an entire household, there are no limits on the number of accounts or the size of the portfolio.*  

We receive no commissions, kick-backs, sales charges, or placement fees. Our responsibility is to you. And only you.

*In especially complex cases, we reserve the right to charge different entities (for example, a family foundation) a separate fee.

How much did you pay your advisor last year?

If you're like most HNW investors, you have no idea.

And it's not your fault.

Traditional Wall Street firms have mastered the art of cloaking their fees in obfuscation.

Rather than charging you a specific amount of money, they charge you a percentage of the value of your assets. Advisors refer to these assets under management fees (AUM) in terms of "basis points" or "bips," and these seemingly small numbers are destroying your wealth.

AUM fees are destroying your wealth.

Stop buying your advisor a BMW. Every year.

For many HNW investors their largest discretionary expense is the fee they pay their advisor.

AUM fees look a lot like taxes.

Paying more simply because you have more is a business model shared only with the IRS.

Fees should reflect value.

AUM fees have no relationship to the amount of work your advisor is doing, or the value your advisor is providing.

How do your fees compare?

Traditional advisors are trained to avoid discussing how much money they're charging you.  But consider the true costs of those AUM fees - how do yours compare?

Source: https://www.advisoryhq.com/articles/financial-advisor-fees-wealth-managers-planners-and-fee-only-advisors/#Percentage-AUM

Unlock the true value of your wealth.

Even seemingly small AUM fees will steadily erode your wealth over time.

*Chart shows the impact of fees on a $3,000,000 portfolio with an annualized return of 6.5% over a 30 year period. Assumes no contributions or distributions. AUM fees are industry average, ranging from .88% to .69%. Wedmont's fee is inflated at 3% annually. Data available upon request.

Growth of $3,000,000