What We Do

Financial Planning

You have questions.  

We have answers.

"How much do I need to retire early?"  

"How do I minimize my taxes?"

"Should I have trusts in place to protect my assets?"

 "Can I be more strategic with debt?"

"Are we spending too much?"

"How do I manage my employee stock options?"

"Can I afford to give money to my _______________?"   

"How do I best support the charities and causes important to me?"

You are unique.

And so are your finances.

Our CFP-credentialed advisors work collaboratively with you to help identify and solve your most pressing financial issues.

And because life has a way of throwing curveballs, we'll revisit your plan regularly to ensure you are still on track.

Our process.

Bespoke financial plans for HNW families. 

Our process entails:

Accounting for all of your assets and liabilities (investments, real estate, stock options, collectibles)

Understanding your concerns and goals for the future (retirement, education, family legacy)

Building a comprehensive set of financial projections (balance sheet and cash flow)

Identifying opportunities for various trust and tax strategies (irrevocable trusts, GRATs, DAFs)  

Creating a custom, tax efficient investment portfolio that maximizes your expected risk-adjusted return