Who We Serve.

Successful investors looking for a better way to manage their money.

Professional Investors.

PMs, GPs, and family offices who need access to an institutional caliber product shelf. 

Services Include:

  • Discretionary and non-discretionary mandates
  • Open architecture product line-up
  • Access to leading alternative investment managers (with no placement fees)
  • Asset allocation
  • Financial planning
  • Advisor to next-gen family members 

High-income earners.

Successful individuals in need of professional assistance managing and planning for their financial assets.

Services Include:

  • Investment management 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Equity compensation 
  • Tax planning 
  • Trusts and estates 
  • Insurance and risk management

Successful retirees.

Former leaders in their fields who wish to maximize their assets.

Services Include:

  • Investment management 
  • Cash flow modeling 
  • Income replication 
  • Estate value projections 
  • Inter-generational wealth transfer 
  • Charitable and legacy planning

Corporate services.

Employee benefit plans and workplace financial planning.

Services Include:

  • 401k plan fiduciary 
  • Plan design and due diligence
  • Investment roster selection 
  • Education and support for plan participants   
  • Executive financial planning